The Value of Life, the Value of Creation

How to manifest the value of lives? This is relevant to human beings’ lives. Holy Mountain Buddha Land is the life within lives. Without those who work with their hands, legs, and brains, there is no Holy Mountain Buddha Land.

Why is There Suffering in Life?

Compassionate Holy Master teaching the Dharma class

Many people understand that being born as a human being is very hard, so once it’s realized, what are the benefits of being humans? Ability to change. They can change a cause; they can change a consequence; they can change poverty; they can change suffering; they can change afflictions; they can change misery.

Dipankara Buddha: Buddha’s Teacher who Lightens Sentient Beings

After our Dipankara Buddha was born, the entire world was lightened up, shining upon the beings in darkness. Thus, He was venerated as “Dipankara Buddha.” This Buddha had the stability and would not be interfered by evils, demons, ghosts, or beings from other paths. His light illuminates every being’s heart. “Heart” is very important.

People Pursuing Health can be Saved

A person who wants to die cannot be saved; a person who refuse to be healthy cannot be saved; those who pursue health can be saved. You should understand there is prospect beyond prospect, and there is growth beyond growth. Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma, the Great Perfection Dharma, can adapt to all people.

How is Affinity Related to Cultivation

Holy Master makes a speech to the young and senior students in the Dharma class

We have built the connection of this affinity ages ago. This affinity is not that relation. Those who have come here are connected to the affinity; those who have not come have to wait to be connected.
Anyone who were related in previous lives can meet again in this life…