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True liberation is to free your mind, spirit, and soul;
True liberation is to find the person who you can truly rely upon;
True liberation is to find the place that can help you attain Achievement.

-- Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi
Who is Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi?

This is an enlightened Vajra Guru whose wisdom and compassion are manifested in his Buddhist teachings and his deeds. Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi was rescued by Guan Yin Bodhisttva in his childhood. At age five he received "Abhisecana," the energy empowerment, from Master Shi Qiming, the Abbot of the Great Buddha Temple; at age seventeen, he was illuminated by the living Buddha Zhi Kong and determined to learn Buddhism. Holy Master received all teachings from Master Linchan Kharthu, the reincarnation of Master Padmasambhava, and attained the highest Achievement of Mahayana Buddhism.

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi has made his vows to heal people and save lives, to enlighten beings, to build temples, and to spread Buddhist teachings throughout his whole life.

In the world plagued with aliments and suffering, Ziguang Shang Shi founded Guang Huan Mi Zong and built several large temple compounds to spread the secret Nine Vehicles Great Perfection Dharma. Holy Master has been diligently promoting human health, world peace, and religious harmony, helping people be freed from diseases and pain, and guiding cultivators towards the path of Achievement.

"Ziguang" is a name bestowed by the Buddha, meaning "purple light shining upon the Saha world."
"Shang Shi" is a title for an enlightened guru master, and can only be acquired after being "certified" by Buddhas from higher dimensions.
Together the whole name means "Purple Light Guru Master," and disciples commonly venerate him as "Holy Master."

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi is known to most people as:

The Founder of Guang Huan Mi Zong

the sect that brings the original Buddhism to our modern world and emphasizes the essence of Vajrayana teachings.

The Guru of Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism

teaching the practices of Guang Huan Mi Zong, which includes both Buddhist schools from Sakyamuni Buddha.

The Creator of Holy Mountain Buddha Land

the large Dharma center that is known as the Pure Land of Bliss on earth, where divine beings frequently visit.

The Founding Director of the Buddhist Institute

to spread the Buddha's seeds and to train Buddhist preachers for growing their Five Wisdoms.

The Compassionate Medicine King

using Dharma power as the cure to relieve people's sickness and pain and to grow their wisdom.

What are Holy Master's missions in the saha world?

The "saha world" refers to our planet earth, which has forged countless bonds with the higher dimensions in the universe. Ziguang Shang Shi has very deep affinity with this Saha world and has returned to it with different appearance and identities in past lives. This time Holy Master comes back under the Buddha's will for two reasons: one, to help those with Affinity to be freed from afflictions and regain happiness; two, to find his former disciples from previous lives and to guide them towards the Achievement in Buddhism.

The earth is in the transition of "Dharma Vanishing Era" that was mentioned in many Buddhist sutras. Sakyamuni Buddha has a prophecy describing the epoch that is plagued with disasters, catastrophes, epidemics, and diseases, which cause great suffering to many. This is also the times in severe moral decline, due to a lack of understanding of karmic cause and effect. Many people go astray from the true path and bring about bad karma and bad luck as they have not found the proper cultivation method.

This is also an age of hope. Compassionate Ziguang Shang Shi brings the Dharma to the world because many people are calling for help. They are waiting in confusion, loss, and pain. They need the guidance of true light. The Dharma from Guang Huan Mi Zong is the way that they can reach liberation through cultivation.

Why did Holy Master go to the West to spread the Dharma?

After Holy Master had been teaching Dharma in the East for over 20 years, there emerged a good time to spread Buddhism in the West. In order to benefit more people with Affinity through the Dharma practice, under the instruction of Mahavairocana Buddha, Ziguang Shang Shi travelled westward to the USA and found a sacred land described as "a virtuous and graceful place" in the Buddha's prophecy. He led his disciples with tremendous hard work in more than ten years to develop this paradise on the earth.

From Holy Master's perspective, the earth is supposed to be a world in union, but not divided by country borders; humans are supposed to be a group in harmony, but not divided by race, color, religion, belief, national origin, or political view. No matter where Holy Master is, he helps all those who sincerely seek the Dharma.

What important things Ziguang Shang Shi has done?
Founded Guang Huan Mi Zong, revealing the ancient secret Dharma

This is the instruction from the supreme wisdom in the higher dimension, known as "Mahavairocana Buddha" in Buddhism. Ziguang Shang Shi followed this Buddha's will and founded the religion, Guang Huan Mi Zong, of which the Nine Vehicles Great Perfection Buddhist Dharma has inherited Sakyamuni Buddha's Mahayana teachings from over 2,500 years ago.

To accommodate the "upgrade" need for everyone in body, mind, and soul, Holy Master uses current methodology to simplify the sophisticated teachings and re-unveil the ancient secret essence of Buddhism to the modern world. He designed the special programs for those who have acquired the cultivation foundation in previous lives and set up the altar to teach the advanced Dharmas, such as Inner Fire Practice, White Light Body, Rainbow Body, and Citta-Heart Practice. Esoteric gurus in the past transmitted these Dharmas one-to-one only to their selected disciples.

Travelled across the world, delivering those with Affinity

At the end of the 70s, Ziguang Shang Shi started teaching the Dharma in many cities in China to cure people's sickness. Holy Master was invited to hold several Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma Conventions for government officials and military leaders, who highly praised him for "the immeasurable merits of saving people."

When millennium began, Holy Master launched his tours around the world to hold Dharma conventions, teaching people the practice and providing free diagnosis. He helped a lot of people from different countries, races, and religions to improve their holistic wellbeing and to guide them to find the meaning of life. Those benefited ones have expressed a lot of gratitude.

Ziguang Shang Shi's Dharma theories contain important rules of the universe and serve as the foundation to the actual practice of Esoteric Dharma. The secret of human body and mystery of cosmos are both hidden within Holy Master's timeless esoteric practice. The practitioners are convinced by the effects and results of Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma and learn it by experience before entering the advanced level of practice, so that they can understand more about life truths.

Developed the Pure Land on the earth, building temples

To spread the Dharma and deliver people, Ziguang Shang Shi built temples and set up chapels in many places of the East and the West. They are like large ferries and small boats carrying people into the Dharma practice, to uplift their body, mind, and soul. Holy Master also established large Dharma centers in New York and California, including "Holy Mountain Buddha Land" that has become a landmark for pilgrims to beseech the Dharma.
Year after year, Ziguang Shang Shi has conducted hundreds of temple construction projects. Whenever it is windy, rainy, or snowing, he is everywhere to monitor the project progress and safeguard all volunteers at the sites.

Leading by example, Holy Master not only interprets how to truly perform the Dharma, but also creates many opportunities for contributors to gain merit, which is the key to expedite the process of removing bad karma, attracting good luck, and growing wisdom.

Founded Buddhist institute, training Buddhist instructors

In order to benefit more people with the Dharma practice, Ziguang Shang Shi founded Guang Huan Mi Zong Buddhism Institute. He combines the traditional and modern teaching of Five Wisdoms to train instructors and develop their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in multiple fields.

Holy Master implements a cultivation methodology for young students who are interested in Buddhism, so that they can apply the theories and practice in their daily life and work, explore their potential and capability in total aspect. They can learn how to apply Buddhist Dharma to the secular teachings.

Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma practice can improve a person's kindness in thought, word, and act, so that to reduce the growth of badness. The core of "abandon badness and perform goodness" can have an exponential effect in the world through well-trained preachers' work.

How has Ziguang Shang Shi helped people?
Through Dharma:

Guang Huan Mi Zong Nine Vehicles Great Perfection is high-level esoteric Dharma that includes the connection secret of human body microcosm and the universe macrocosm.
To make it easier for beginners to learn the Dharma, Ziguang Shang Shi created nine levels of cultivation practice out of the Nine Vehicles of Buddhism, combining actual practice with Buddhist theories. The practice includes Zen and Esotericism and is well known for its significant results.
Holy Master designed a series of classes for beginners: One Day Zen, Tri-heart Meditation, One Day Two Practices Three Chantings Health Dharma, for a taste of Dharma practice.
Whoever wants an upgrade can join the three vehicles classes and enter advanced cultivation. They can experience the power of Dharma through secret Mantras and Mudras, feel the transformation of body and mind, and comprehend the deeper part of the teaching.

Through Sutra:

Holy Master's sutras and books provide insight for readers to better understand Guang Huan Mi Zong's theories, to reduce difficulties and increase benefits in their Dharma practice. Reading sutras with a pure heart can illuminate a person and strengthen the connection with Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Holy Master.
In order to spread Buddhism further and enlighten more people in the future, Ziguang Shang Shi has been facilitating the publication of Guang Huan Mi Zong modern sutras, precepts, and commentaries, including "Guang Huan Mi Zong Supreme Dharma," "Guang Huan Mi Zong Cause and Effect Sutra," "Prajnaparamita of Life and Death Sutra," "Prajnaparamita of Achievement Sutra," "The Bible of Guang Huan Mi Zong One Day Two Practices Three Chantings."

Where is Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi?

Holy Master is at the Holy Mountain Buddha Land, which is located in upstate New York, and holds Dharma classes and conventions for different occasions. Everyone are welcomed by the Holy Mountain Buddha Land to make pilgrimage or to learn the Dharma. Scientists and researchers who are interested in learning how the Dharma affects human body, group or corporate leaders who are interested in improving their employees' efficiency and productivity, government officials who are interested in improving their people's general wellbeing, and any other interested individuals, are all invited to make a visit to find out more.

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