Why to Learn
Holy Master's Dharma, verified by time and practice

Guang Huan Mi Zong Supreme Esoteric Dharma is the ultimate treasure to accelerate the deliverance of beings. It is also the priceless gem for those with Affinity to be liberated through the genuine cultivation, and even to attain unparalleled Achievement, the Buddhahood.

-- Guang Huan Mi Zong Supreme Dharma


What're the purposes of learning the Dharma?
You can seek health,explore Buddhism, and pursue Achievement

WHO defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
Does your health meet this definition?
Why so many diseases cannot be cured?
How to really prevent or heal them?
How to solve the pervading health crisis?
Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma provides a unique solution to tackle health problems at the cellular level with cosmic energy, merging prevention, healing, and nourishing into one.
Buddhist teaching is the truth of the universe to guide people how to live under the Law of Cause and Effect, and how to upgrade themselves through cultivation.
Why were you reborn to this world?
How is your previous life related to current life?
How to live life to the fullest?
How to prepare for your future life?
Guang Huan Mi Zong Buddhism can open the gate of life truths, and develop the wisdom for spiritual seekers who are questing for the final answer to the reason of existence.
Sanskrit word "Siddhi" means Achievement in Buddhism, an important goal in the awakening process; often refers to success in common use.
What exactly is Achievement in Buddhism?
Why should one pursue it?
What are the steps to reach that point?
How to follow the true path during cultivation?
Holy Master imparts the Dharani Total-Retention that all Buddhas have obtained, the essence of the secret Inner Achievement Dharma to his disciples in a compendious manner.

Ziguang Shang Shi's Dharma is the best GPS that can properly guides you to navigate the world and to discover essence through phenomenon.

Compassionate Holy Master can help you go through difficulties, cope with loss and confusion, and rediscover your direction in life.

Getting closer to the one with high wisdom and energy can make you stronger and grow a better version of yourself.

After learning the Dharma, the energy you received can continue to exert its positive influence in life.

12 Benefits of Dharma Learning

Detox and purify mind, body, and soul

Repair genetic code errors and optimize cells

Reduce and cure chronic diseases and pain

Boost immune system through cosmic energy

Lose weight with zero side effects

Rejuvenate and restore beauty and youth

Enhance Feng Shui and relationships

Attract fortune and luck for work and life

Remove negative emotions and increase EQ

Improve memory, focus, and cognitive ability

Activate potential and see a bigger picture

Awaken the inner true self and upgrade the soul

Beginner Classes
One Day Zen, Tri-Heart Meditation, One Day Two Practices Three Chantings
Vehicle I & II Dharma
Halo Protection, Dan Formation, and Thousand-arm Guan Yin Practice
Vehicle III Dharma
Seven Chakras Practice, Secret Mudra and Mantra, and Yoga Samadhi

Through learning the Dharma and using its energy, you can handle physical and mental problems more efficiently, and embrace surprising changes in a new life.

You need to learn and experience the Dharma in person to gradually understand more about Holy Master and his teaching.

Only through sincere request, active learning, and persistence cultivation, you can truly get Holy Master's Dharma.

3 Essential Elements to Learn Dharma
Sincere Request
Active Learning
Persistent Cultivation
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