Human Health

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi gave speech at a Health Dharma Convention:

The prosperity of a nation essentially depends on the physical and mental health of its citizens. People's freedom and health are the foundation of a stable society; mutual respect and harmony between countries are the basis of world peace.

Health is not only an individual concern, but also relates to the prosperity of a nation. When people's health conditions improve, it can bolster economic growth and improve development of a country. For the welfare need, the national medical expenses are enormous; people's health conditions directly relate to the spending in this field.


In our era, human beings are facing unprecedented health crisis, while Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma provides the best solution to tackle it. Without any distinction to ethnicity, religion, national origin, or political views, it can significantly improve one's holistic health in a short period of time.

World Peace

Holy Master expressed his viewpoint in "Health and Peace Manifesto":

The differences of culture, history, economy, and politics between countries should not affect their peace and amicability, or restrain the right of people to pursue health, peace, and freedom.

In Peace Health Harmony Day, Ziguang Shang Shi gave a speech:

War is originated from greed. Seizing others' land by force through war is a quick way to take control, an easy way to take possession.

Invasion by force sometimes is in the name of justice. Justice is essential and requires everyone to uphold it, but it should not be in the way of a weapon for a weapon, or a killing for a killing. This is a principle for the peace that we are seeking. Every person should be entitled to peace; every country should be entitled to peace; every being should have peace.

Our responsibility is to call for everyone to work together for peace. Striving for peace is our right.

Religious Harmony

Ziguang Shang Shi gave a speech to students from different races and religious backgrounds:

Religion is a creation through civilization development, the spiritual source of human survival and the driving force behind progresses. To make world peace come true, achieve religious harmony first. The world is not peaceful, as religions are not harmonious, so are ideologies.

Harmony is to live together peacefully and work together happily. As long as one is willing to do good deeds and not to do bad deeds, there is harmony. There must be a ruling deity in the universe, whom they call God, and whom we call Buddha. Just different names. This is the basis for Religious Harmony.

When can Religious Harmony come true? This depends on a lot of people's effort. Every religious denomination has its specialty; we need to work hard to improve people's health, which is our specialty.

The world needs transformation. People need health, do not want war, but hope to have peace and stability. To make those happen, religious harmony should first come true. If religions are not harmonious, there will always be disputes. Transform Devils into Buddhas, transform evils into goodness, transform demons into humans, and transform a person into a good person.

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