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Priced Gold vs. Priceless Buddha's Dharma
05/05/2013 Buddhism & Life
Holy Master explaining Dharma theories to the students in the class

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi explained the value of Dharma:

Gold is priced, while Buddha's Dharma is beyond price. Millions of gold cannot purchase the Dharma. Similarly, people's health is beyond price. Will you put a price on your health? It is priceless. Gold has its price, while health is beyond price.

What is gold? Your servant, not your master. If gold becomes your master, it means that you, the master, are useless, and so it is reversed. It is the servant, and you are the master. When you overly value the servant, the master would be underrated. In this era, why there are so many people with Affinity, while so little Bodhisattvas? The reason is that gold becomes your master, and the kaleidoscope world becomes the dream that you are chasing, but it is just a bubble, a phantom.

Many people have many dreams, and they forget all after they wake up. Dreams are indeed clouds or smoke. Life is a dream, an illusion. Do not overvalue this kaleidoscope world. Do not overvalue gold; treat it as dirt instead. Money should be used for virtuous deeds, such as building a temple.

Event: Guang Huan Mi Zong Vehicle I Dharma Class

Venue: Five World Buddhas Temple

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