What does the Pure Land Mean to the Pandemic06/28/2020
When the pandemic is raging out there, and new coronavirus cases are surging in the U.S., people are calling for help. Lives are being lost... When people are in despair, suddenly, they see a beam of light…
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The Birth of Holy Mountain Buddha Land; the Promotion of Health Culture10/18/2018
The birth of Holy Mountain Buddha Land has brought hope to the sentient beings in the Dharma Vanishing Era. When could a Buddha Land be founded? Sakyamuni Buddha had arranged it long time ago. He represented Mahavairocana Buddha to expound the teachings from the Fourth Dimension and the teachings from the saha world...
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Millions of People to Develop the Holy Mountain Buddha Land01/06/2016
The purpose of developing a Western Buddha Land, an Eastern Buddha Land, a Southern Buddha Land, and a Northern Buddha Land by millions of people is to let sentient beings in the saha world to see the compassion light from our lighthouse, so that they can have the opportunity to experience the incredible effect of Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma...
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