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What does the Pure Land Mean to the Pandemic

Holy Master gave a speech on what the Pure Land means to the Pandemic:

When the pandemic is raging out there, and new coronavirus cases are surging in the U.S., people are calling for help. Lives are being lost. This is really terrible.

When people are in despair, suddenly, they see a beam of light, hear a sound, and see a road… Where is the Pure Land of Bliss? Where is the Noah’s Ark? Where are the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? Where is God?

We need to tell them that there is a Pure Land of Bliss on the earth – the Holy Mountain Buddha Land. We need to tell them that, there is Light, and the Light can guide them into the Holy Mountain Buddha Land, so that those are still living can hear the calling of Angels and the calling of Buddhas.

Event: Summer Precept Convention

Venue: Holy Mountain Buddha Land Precept Altar

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