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Why is There Suffering in Life?
11/18/2022 Karma / Merit
Compassionate Holy Master teaching the Dharma class

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi revealed the root of suffering in the Dharma class:

Why is there suffering in life? Why is there enjoyment in life?

Some people are in misery, being born into a family to suffer. They are enduring pain every day. Some are living in comfort, enjoying abundance after being born.

Where does suffering come from? That can be distilled down to one word: karma. Karma does not mean suffering; it includes misery as well as enjoyment. Karma is also the cause, from cause entering into its effect. The cause is changeable. When a cause is changed, its effect will change accordingly.

It's like sowing the seeds, some of which sprout, but others not. Some are rotten, which is caused by karma. Karma obstructs it from growing roots, from sprouting, and from everything else.

Holy Master gave instructions on the root of suffering

Many people understand that being born as a human being is very hard, so once it's realized, what are the benefits of being humans? Ability to change. They can change a cause; they can change a consequence; they can change poverty; they can change suffering; they can change afflictions; they can change misery. Those who are ill can become illness free; those who are illness free can become healthier.

When you were born in a poor family, or born with a lot of health issues, getting sick and taking medicine since young, you taste the bitterness of life. Why do kind people have to suffer? They have not made the effort to meet the Light, but are walking on the path with darkness every day.

This is the root of suffering. Why is there suffering? Because no changes for it have been made. To make bitterness become sweetness, then changes are needed. Guang Huan Mi Zong gives everyone an opportunity, and Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi gives disciples an opportunity. It is to let people understand why there is suffering.

Buddhas enlighten those who have the Affinity, and people with Affinity are those who have faith in you. Those who believe can be saved, simple as that.

Event: Great Perfection Esoteric Dharma Class

Venue: Health Hall

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