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The Buddha's Vows and Teachings
01/05/2017 Buddhism & Life

Holy Master gave a speech to the Preachers on the Buddha's teaching:

Sakyamuni Buddha has made many great vows; the first great vow among all is to benefit people. He had all the suffering ones in his heart, and he knew that the path of preaching the Dharma is arduous, and it is impossible to be smooth or easy. Some people who did not understand it would interfere or obstruct the path; some of them could be those who are close or near him. Therefore, he had to cultivate Forbearance Paramita first.

Until today, Sakyamuni Buddha's teachings are still the guiding light for all beings. The teachings are beneficial to people, helping them cultivate deeds towards enlightenment and eliminate deeds of ignorance. These are the fundamentals of the Buddha's teachings. It is to make people smarter, that is, to learn more about themselves, about the world, and about the truth of the universe.

Many people are living in the world without even knowing the truth about themselves, so how to understand the truth of the universe? It was like that in Sakyamuni Buddha's era, even more so in the current Dharma Vanishing Era. Many settle in their comfortable houses, enjoying their life, but they do not understand that hells are waiting after they pass away because they have wasted their human form.

Therefore, we need to tell those people that a human form is very difficult to be born as. People who have attained the human form should contribute to the deeds of benefiting beings in the world. This is from the Buddha's teaching, a timeless truth.

No matter which nation you are in or which world you are born into, as long as you still have the energy or are still breathing, and you are capable to benefit people and provide them the relief from afflictions, you can be an Achiever. If you only serve your personal interest and only think of yourself, your own family, and focus on lesser self instead of greater self, then it would be impossible to attain the Achievement or escape from the circle of life and death.

Event: Sakyamuni Buddha's Bodhi Day

Venue: Five World Buddhas Temple

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