Why is There Suffering in Life?11/18/2022
Many people understand that being born as a human being is very hard, so once it's realized, what are the benefits of being humans? Ability to change. They can change a cause; they can change a consequence; they can change poverty; they can change suffering; they can change afflictions; they can change misery.
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The Weight of Sin Determines the Extend of Suffering08/22/2021
when living in the world, people will have this or that wrong, and make this or that mistake. It is called "sin" in Buddhism. The weight of sin determines how long they have to stay in Hells and how much suffer they have to endure....
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How Much Force Needed to Change the Karma01/30/2021
The force of karma is powerful. What we say about "force of karma" means the accumulation of impurity is overwhelming and becomes too tenacious. How tenacious it is? It makes you forget "who am I" and what you are supposed to do in this world...
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An Important Way to Reduce Bad Karma09/02/2020
Zhongyuan Festival (Ghost Festival), to beings in both Yin and Yang Realms, is an important day. We hold this Dharma convention to bless the alive and to redeem the dead...
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Listen to the Dharma to Understand Karmic Cause and Effect10/24/2008
In the Five Defilements world, "Cosmic Light" will show up in different places in the world. It means the Buddha Dharma suddenly becomes different. There is another Buddha called Moba appearing in the world. Whether this world can be changed, it depends on the circumstances…
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