The Value of Life, the Value of Creation05/14/2023
How to manifest the value of lives? This is relevant to human beings' lives. Holy Mountain Buddha Land is the life within lives. Without those who work with their hands, legs, and brains, there is no Holy Mountain Buddha Land.
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How to Go towards the Illuminated Path of Nirvana05/12/2022
Why is Sakyamuni Buddha's Dharma still existing in the world? Because it is the Truth, which shows the entire human race the illuminated path of Nirvana. Path of Nirvana is the road on which one can travel freely; people can protect themselves and attain wellbeing on this road. Unhealthy people all understand the importance of health.
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Follow the God's Will, Follow the Human Will01/01/2022
A new day begins; a new year begins. This year is special, with two 1s and three 2s, which make "one, two, one, two." This is symbolic; they are like a big bridge and a log bridge...
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Pray for Blessings All Mothers in the World05/10/2020
Everyone in this world will experience: one is birth, the other is death. Birth has to be through a mother. All things and everything are the same; being reborn after death, in a circle of life. All mothers in the world will experience a joyful while painful process when producing offspring. They are remarkable...
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The World Needs Transformation01/04/2020
We are those create the world, transform the world. The world needs transformation. People need health, do not want war, but hope to have peace and stability. To make these happen, religious harmony should first come true...
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The Best Cleanser for Your Inner Heart05/27/2019
How to remove your afflictions and transform into one from the purified Pure Land? When we say Pure Land, it means a pure heart. There would be no pure land with an impure heart. Dharma requires purity, which refers purifying the heart.
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