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Pray for Blessings All Mothers in the World
05/10/2020 Buddhism & Life
Holy Master in front of the Guanyin Statue

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi commented on praying for blessing all mothers in the world:

Everyone in this world will experience: one is birth, the other is death. Birth has to be through a mother. All things and everything are the same; being reborn after death, in a circle of life. All mothers in the world will experience a joyful while painful process when producing offspring. They are remarkable; we should remember that.

Parents foster children with their kindness. Recollect your memory of how your parents love you, take care of you, and teach you since you were born.

Today we pray to bless all mothers in the world. It is different from normal blessing; it has an enhance effect. Because every mother is contributing to our entire human race. Without them, there will be no human beings.

Event: Mother's Day Celebration

Venue: Guanyin Holy Mountain

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