The Weight of Sin Determines the Extend of Suffering

Holy Master gave a speech on the altar in Great Hero Hall

when living in the world, people will have this or that wrong, and make this or that mistake. It is called “sin” in Buddhism. The weight of sin determines how long they have to stay in Hells and how much suffer they have to endure….

How Much Force Needed to Change the Karma

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi teaching Dharma theories in the Health Hall

The force of karma is powerful. What we say about “force of karma” means the accumulation of impurity is overwhelming and becomes too tenacious. How tenacious it is? It makes you forget “who am I” and what you are supposed to do in this world…

An Important Way to Reduce Bad Karma

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi conscrated the Dizang Bodhisattva Temple in the Holy Mountain Buddha Land

Zhongyuan Festival (Ghost Festival), to beings in both Yin and Yang Realms, is an important day. We hold this Dharma convention to bless the alive and to redeem the dead…