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The Value of Life, the Value of Creation
05/14/2023 Buddhism & Life
Holy Master blesses all mothers in the world

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi made a speech about value to his Sangha disciples:

On the Mother's Day, let me say something about mothers. All mothers and non-mothers, men, and women are all related to the Mother's Day. The combination of Yin and Yang gives birth to all.

Humans and other beings in the world, viviparous, oviparous, born in water, or grow in earth, including microorganisms, they are all lives. A mountain is a life, so is an ocean. As well as a flower, a blade of grass, an ant, and a fly, are all lives.

How to manifest the value of lives? This is relevant to human beings' lives.

Holy Mountain Buddha Land is the life within lives. Without those who work with their hands, legs, and brains, there is no Holy Mountain Buddha Land. When human beings started to appear in the no man's world, a primitive society thus is created. Populations started to grow; the world becomes a better place.

Who create this better place? Human beings. How is the Land of Bliss created? By human beings. How does the Holy Mountain Buddha Land come into being? By human beings. Pure Land is not just a name from us, nor is formed by imagination. It is created with value, which is manifested here.

Life is like a cycle. For instance, the warehouse that we just dismantled does not exist anymore. Dust to dust; ashes to ashes. After reincarnation, new life is born again.

Our Sangha as builders need to understand that you are creating new lives. You shall take care of them and cherish them.

Cosmic Halo above the Holy Mountain Buddha Land

Event: Mother's Day Celebration

Venue: Welcoming Hall

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