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The World Needs Transformation
01/04/2020 Buddhism & Life

Holy Master guided the zen teachers to contemplate our current world:

If there are no humans in the world, it will be dead silence, lacking life force, vitality. Human beings are the most important. When there are humans, however, conflicts and disputes will arise. What is the root cause?

We are the ones who create the world, transform the world. The world needs transformation. People need health, do not want war, but hope to have peace and stability. To make these happen, religious harmony should first come true. If religions are not harmonious, there will always be disputes.

Transform Devils into Buddhas, transform evils into goodness, transform demons into humans, and transform a person into a good person.

Now here comes the pandemic. How to perceive people's suffering?

Event: Zen Teacher Training Course

Venue: Health Hall

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