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Dipankara Buddha: Buddha's Teacher who Lightens Sentient Beings
09/17/2022 Buddhas / Saints

The magnificent Buddha statue in Great Hero Hall of Holy Mountain Buddha Land

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi expounded the merits of Dipankara Buddha:

After our Dipankara Buddha was born, the entire world was lightened up, shining upon the beings in darkness. Thus, He was venerated as "Dipankara Buddha." This Buddha had the stability and would not be interfered by evils, demons, ghosts, or beings from other paths. His light illuminates every being's heart. "Heart" is very important. Sakyamuni Buddha had been teaching Dharma for 49 years, mainly focusing on that.

Respect a teacher and have passion for the path. Respect preachers; venerate a guru master. Love his path. What is the path? It is the path of Light, path of Truth. Be away from evil path. You could only be saved by following these instructions, otherwise you would be suffering when living. Therefore, your heart should be settled and remain tranquil.

This world is chaotic itself. Because of the appearance of a Buddha, it becomes peaceful and harmonious. This world has entered the era without a Buddha, thus it is called Dharma Vanishing Era, a place without Dharma. After Sakyamuni Buddha entered nirvana, Dharma ceased its existence, while it also still exists. Because some of the Buddha's disciples did not enter nirvana with Him. They lived to spread the Dharma that Buddha had been preaching to help those people with good affinity, so they could acquire sutras, which are the compilations of Buddha's speeches. These are the classics circulating across the world nowadays.

Dipankara Buddha trained Sakyamuni Buddha to be someone qualified to become a Buddha in a future lifetime, so the credit first goes to Sakyamuni Buddha's master - Dipankara Buddha.

Event: Dipankara Buddha's Birthday Convention

Venue: Great Hero Hall

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