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Immeasurable Light Buddhas in Three Thousand Galaxies
05/12/2020 Buddhas / Saints

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi explicated what Immeasurable Light Buddhas represent:

Five Buddhas are manifested in the Five Worlds, among which the highest is Mahavairocana Buddha. Each Buddha in the other four worlds is called Immeasurable Light Buddha. For the people from the East, that is Eastern Medicine Buddha; for the people from the West, that is Amitabha Buddha.

To celebrate the Immeasurable Light Buddhas' birthday, you need to understand what Immeasurable Light Buddhas represent. Immeasurable Light Buddhas represent three thousand Buddhas in Three Thousand Galaxies. The light of three thousand Buddhas illuminates the entire universe as almsgivings to all sentient beings in Three Thousand Galaxies of the Space Realm.

Immeasurable means without limit, without boundary. Therefore, the light emitted from Buddhas is called immeasurable light. Immeasurable light does not differentiate borders and radiates throughout the Space Realm, throughout all nations, and brightens up each corner of our saha world.

Event: Immeasurable Light Buddhas' Birthday Celebration

Venue: Guanyin Holy Mountain

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