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Follow the God's Will, Follow the Human Will
01/01/2022 Buddhism & Life

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi made a speech at the 2022 New Year Convention:

A new day begins; a new year begins. This year is special, with two 1s and three 2s, which make "one, two, one, two." This is symbolic; they are like a big bridge and a log bridge. How to take control of one and two?

A person needs to follow the law and rules. If acting against the laws or rules, there will be conflicts or problems.

Following the God's will is to follow the rules. We need to follow the God's will. God's will also concerns the human will. Follow the human will can live; follow the God's will can survive; act against God's will can lead to failure or death.

We are going to live well in the whole new year. The earth is a stage for everyone to perform. More bad energy and evil spirits will come in the year; they will not retreat easily from the stage. How do we strive on this small stage? We should work hard, and harder.

Event: New Year Blessing Convention

Venue: Holy Mountain Buddha Land Health Hall

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