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Listen to the Dharma to Understand Karmic Cause and Effect
10/24/2008 Karma / Merit
Cosmic Halo often Appears in the Sky Above Holy Mountain Buddha Land

Holy Master instructed the preachers who spread the Dharma:

Your heart can be enlightened through listening to the Dharma and contemplating the path. Without listening to the Dharma, your direction and your thinking will not be clear. Therefore, listening to the Dharma is the starting point towards wisdom, especially in this Dharma Vanishing Era.

Sakyamuni Buddha made a prophecy in the Dharma Flourishing Era: in the Five Defilements world of the Dharma Vanishing Era, the Buddha's Dharma will disappear gradually. At that time, the demons and devils are rampaging in the world, which is filled with the demon's path and the devil's way. Bad people constitute a high percentage of the population, as countless as the sand in the Gange River,  the sand in the sea. On the contrary, the number of those with unshakeable bodhi mind, those with true wisdom, and those promote Buddhism are very few. Sakyamuni Buddha mentioned these problems in Surangama Sutra. Some monks are wearing Sangha's robes while acting against Buddhist teachings. This is pathetic.

Demons and devils will do the bad deeds that damage Buddhism or break world peace. Their consequences are the fall into the Avici Hell. We should educate people with this type of cases and educate those who commit crimes, defame Buddhas, or act against Buddhist teaching with monk appearance. These people do not understand karmic cause and effect and do not let

In this Dharma Vanishing Era, as Buddha mentioned, the extinction of Buddha Dharma could occur in a blink of an eye, and eventually it would be inevitable against people's will. How to prevent this from happening? In the Five Defilements world, "Cosmic Light" will show up in different places in the world. It means the Buddha Dharma suddenly becomes different. There is another Buddha called Moba appearing in the world. Whether this world can be changed, it depends on the circumstances…

Event: Advanced Training Course for Dharma Preachers

Venue: Dizang Bodhisattva Hall

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