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Millions of People to Develop the Holy Mountain Buddha Land
Holy Mountain Buddha Land in the Buddha's Prophecy

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi called for working together to develop the Holy Mountain Buddha Land:

In the past ten years, we have shown our endeavor from a group of hard working Chinese who are willing to endure hardships, with a certain creativity and wisdom. Those who came here to visit us, helped us with the construction works, and learned our Dharma gave all these the thumbs up.

People from the east and the west working together

The development of the Holy Mountain Buddha Land has commenced. Therefore, Ziguang Shang Shi now calls on people to come to participate in developing the Holy Mountain Buddha Land together.

The purpose of developing a Western Buddha Land, an Eastern Buddha Land, a Southern Buddha Land, and a Northern Buddha Land by millions of people is to let sentient beings in the saha world to see the compassion light from our lighthouse, so that they can have the opportunity to experience the incredible effect of Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma, to be helped by the Dharma, and to be relieved from their pain and suffering.

Holy Master calls on millions of people to develop the Holy Mountain Buddha Land

Event: 10-year Anniversary of the Western Shrine Dharma Convention

Venue: Five World Buddhas Temple

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