Precious Teaching

Numerous Cultivators vs. Rare Achievers

Holy Master gave a speech on the cause of obstructing the cultivation:

In Mahasandhi, the Great Perfection, any Dharma can lead one to Achievement. Throughout the history, there were many cultivators practicing the Great Perfection, but very few became achievers. Cultivators are as numerous as the sand on the seashore, while achievers are as rare as the jewel in the crown. It is because there are a lot of hindrances on the path of cultivation.

Why are there so many hindrances? What are hindrances or obstacles? Why do they emerge throughout one’s growth stages, career development, and progress towards success? A lot of people are seeking extrinsic reasons, examining external factors, blaming the God being unfair, blaming the world being unjust, blaming others being hard to get along with, but they never blame themselves. This is the fundamental reason why those cannot attain Achievement in the saha world. We call it faulty root.

Event: Inner Fire Practice Dharma Convention

Venue: Health Hall

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