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People Pursuing Health can be Saved
08/13/2020 Health / Anti-virus
Holy Master gave a speech on cultivating Great Perfection Dharma to purse health

Holy Master gave a speech to the students and disciples who attended the Inner Fire Practice Dharma Convention:

Everyone wants to be healthy. What if you are not healthy? The body would need repairs. Just like a car. You turn the car key and step on the pedal, but it's not working. Because it runs out of energy. Similarly, a human body stops working when running out of energy.

Inner Fire is indeed the source of energy. People are not familiar with Inner Fire and no one has taught about it before.

Currently, people are living in misery. They are afraid to go out because of the pandemic. It threatens your health and endangers your life. What is really valuable is life.

In this world, no one would say that I'm tired of living and ready to die, other than those who have mental problems or those who could not figure a way out. They could not find their direction in life and could not see their future. Some of them are students, who fail in exams and feel desperate. They cry and go jump off a balcony. They never think about retaking the exams or worker harder to score highest or the third. This is about a person's life and death, which is controlled in his own hands.

A person who wants to die cannot be saved; a person who refuse to be healthy cannot be saved; those who pursue health can be saved. You should understand there is prospect beyond prospect, and there is growth beyond growth.

Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma, the Great Perfection Dharma, can adapt to all people. No matter you are black or white, southerners, easterners, westerners, or northerners. Even your language does not connect to it, it can be connected with a mudra of hand. Because message is connected and souls have no barrier. Souls are equal.

Event: Inner Fire Practice Dharma Convention

Venue: Health Hall

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