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Use the Diamond Shield against the Diamond Sword
07/26/2020 Health / Anti-virus

Holy Master gave a speech on how to solve the pandemic crisis:

A variant of Covid-19 has started to emerge, a mutated variant. It uses sword, then we use shield; diamond sword comes, then we use diamond shield; mutated sword comes, then we use mutated shield. The virus’s genes mutate, our Dharmas can change as well. Sometimes one Dharma can solve all problems. When there is fire, water can shield it; when there is water, dirt can shield it. There is always a way to shield it.

Guang Huan Mi Zong has a Dharma to protect heart and lung, and the Inner Fire Esoteric Dharma that can resist the virus by fire and burn it away. Inner Fire can extinguish virus and help people in need improve their immune system, and enhance mechanism in their body to protect against virus attack.

Event: Summer Precept Convention

Venue: Holy Mountain Buddha Land Welcoming Hall

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