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Invaluable Inner Fire Practice
08/09/2020 Dharma Practice

Holy Master gave a speech to the Dharma seekers who came to attend the Convention:

Inner Fire is a type of Dharma; Dharma is a kind of power.

Inner Fire Practice is meant to be "nontransmittable to the third person," and "inaudible to six ears." But now it is open to the people who attend the Dharma Convention of Inner Fire Practice. Why? To help those who have the root capacity and affinity.

For those who come from the secular world, they need to abandon illusion in order to pick up some treasure. While keeping the illusion can only lead to picking up some sand, worthless. Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma is priceless, invaluable.

Dharma cannot be bought with money. It can only obtained through requesting, through learning.

Sakyamuni Buddha once accepted a beggar's following to become a monk. Because of his root capacity, he became one of the top ten disciples of the Buddha. Therefore, it is not important whether you are a beggar or not; it is important that you straighten up your heart.

Event: Inner Fire Practice Dharma Convention

Venue: Great Hero Hall, Holy Mountain Buddha Land

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