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Control Your Fate: How to Attain Virtuous Fruits?
05/06/2013 Buddhism & Life
Holy Master teaching the Health Dharma class

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi explained fate as to Buddhism to the students:

Buddhism emphasizes that understand your previous life so you can understand your current life, and then you can understand your future life, and where you are going to. Since there is a place where you are coming from, there must be a place where you are going to, and as well as a place where you are dwelling at. Three places.

Your fate is not given by your parents, or by anyone else. It is for you to control it. Many people do not know that their fate can be controlled by themselves, so they are always moving around in others' social circle. Image a chicken cannot exit the yard that it stays, or leave the nest it sleeps, until the moment that it is killed.

Have you seen the outside world? No. Have you gone to the other side of the earth? Still no. If you have been there, have you been to the earth's outer space? No. Have you been to another earth? Also no. So what you have acknowledged is this earth.

Humans cannot be living like a pig, or a chicken, or a rabbit, or a rat. People need to have the realization that they come to this world for a bigger cause, which means to use your energy in your limited lifetime to do virtuous deeds.

Different perceptions or cognitive abilities between people will bring different results. Difference in terms of effort, wisdom, or talent will also lead to different results. Then how to achieve the same results? It depends on whether you have a virtuous heart, a compassionate heart, and a helping heart. Buddhism emphasizes helping, almsgiving, and contributing.

Event: Guang Huan Mi Zong Vehicle I Dharma Class

Venue: Five World Buddhas Temple

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