Precious Teaching

The Precepts and Achievement

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi gave instructions to the Sangha disciples:

For a Sangha disciple, how to keep precepts in your heart through this the precept convention? If you observe even one precept, you can have the chance to attain the Achievement; you can have the hope to attain the Achievement. A Sangha disciple cannot attain the Achievement if he does not understand the precepts, no matter how hard he tries, contemplates the Dharma, or enters into a retreat. Therefore, the precepts are the basis of Achievement.

Sakyamuni Buddha talked about diligence, right diligence; you will encounter obstacles during the process of making your effort. How to fulfill yourself? You need to rely on the precepts. If you want to succeed in what you do, you still have to rely on the precepts. Keep precepts in your mind all the time.

If a Sangha disciple forgets the precepts, it will be more serious than a lay person forgetting the principals or disobeying the rules. Therefore, you need to enter the Precept Convention every year.

Event: Summer Precept Convention

Venue: Holy Mountain Buddha Land Precept Altar

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