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The Path of Renouncing Secularity, Performing Vows, and Spreading the Dharma

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi gave a speech at the Buddha's birthday:

Celebration is to commemorate, to honor Sakyamuni Buddha, and to reflect whether we have followed the honorable Buddha’s path and continued to walk on the path.

On this path, we should recall that Sakyamuni Buddha is walking in front of us, a little bit far from here. He is walking. Have you followed him? Have you deviated from path? Have you observed the Buddha’s illumination? Or turned away and looked back? It is important to find out whether anyone falls behind, whether everyone follows closely or gives up.

We are not honoring the Buddha superficially; showering the Baby Buddha’s statue is merely a formality. More importantly, how can our preachers and instructors follow his steps closely? Follow the Buddha's path of renouncing secularity, the path of performing vows, and the path of spreading dharma from over 2,500 year ago.

Event: Sakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday Celebration

Venue: Guanyin Holy Mountain

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