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The Foundation of Becoming a Buddha
11/04/2021 Buddhas / Saints

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi made a speech on the foundation of becoming a Buddha:

When Medicine Buddha is becoming a Buddha, first it requires a foundation. What is the foundation? Since millions of kalpas, His has a heart already - a heart of compassion.

A person with a heart of compassion can perform deed of compassion. The heart and deed of compassion are linked together. Compassion for whom? For all beings. He saw the beings' suffering and pain in the samsara of life and death, and arises his compassionate heart, which is very important and needs the power of Buddha. Therefore, he pursued the path of Buddha, and under the Buddha's guidance, he became a Bodhisattva with twelve great vows.

The process of making vows is the process of sprouting, and then comes to fruition. After sprouting, check whether the fruit is frozen. He has the fire within his heart, the fire of compassion. He has all beings in the world in his heart and he will enlighten them when he sees them. This is where the twelve great vows came from.

Event: Eastern Medicine Buddha's Birthday Convention

Venue: Holy Mountain Buddha Land Great Hero Hall

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