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Holy Master's Praise for Dizang (Ksitigarbha) Bodhisattva
09/06/2021 Buddhas / Saints

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi praised Dizang Bodhisattva:

Dizang Bodhisattva made a great vow before Sakyamuni Buddha entered nirvana: "Only after all beings are delivered shall I attain Bodhi; as long as all hells are not yet empty, I shall not achieve Buddhahood." His great vow has shaken the entire saha world.

This great vow did not come without a reason. He has been well known for delivering sentient beings in countless lives. This is no-self; He gave up all the wealth and fame in the earthly world and entered Hell to manage the beings in the hells. When all beings are on the way to be reborn, they will face His judgment. How will the process be? List all the good deeds and bad deeds that have been done.

Dizang Bodhisattva in his past lives was also a child with filial piety to his parents. He helped the persons without faith to gain faith and eventually delivered them, especially to his mothers in several lifetimes. Therefore, He is also a Bodhisattva with great filial piety.

Event: Dizang Bodhisattva's Birthday Convention

Venue: Great Hero Hall, Holy Mountain Buddha Land

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