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The Hardships that Saints have Suffered
12/25/2020 Buddhas / Saints

Holy Master gave a speech on the hardships that saints have suffered and the function of a beacon:

Sakyamuni Buddha from the East, Jesus from the West. The birth of a saint must have gone through hardships and difficulties. Without experiencing hardships, a saint cannot become a saint, can’t attain Achievement, or even he becomes a saint, he will be persecuted by devils or demons.

How to make Holy Mountain Buddha Land become the light of the world that all people long for? The light of beacon, shining in the darkness upon people in the world, guides them to find the direction, the road to walk on, and the ship to travel by, and builds their confidence to live in the world and to fulfill their current life. For those who have a certain root capacity and affinity, the beacon grants them the opportunity to attain the Achievement in this life.

Event: Christmas Celebration

Venue: Health Hall

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