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The Meaning of the Fire Offering for the Pandemic
02/02/2020 Health / Anti-virus

Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi explained the meaning of the Fire Offering for the coronavirus outbreak:

The ritual of Fire Offering is to impact the whole world through our light, our fire offering. Mahavairocana Buddha’s light provides protection to avoid disasters and evil influence. The light is emanating to the whole world from the Holy Mountain Buddha Land to safeguard those people with Affinity.

"One Day Zen" from Great Perfection Dharma can help people understand that the authentic sutras are in the Holy Mountain, and the Buddha Land is a place that they long for. They can learn the Nine Vehicle Great Perfection Dharma here, including Rainbow Body, Inner Fire Practice, and the method to prevent virus. They can increase their positive energy, live in a safer, happier, and healthier way, and escape harms from the virus.

Event: Fire Offering Convention

Venue: Health Hall

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