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The Root Capacity of Pursuing the Great Perfection Esoteric Dharma
08/12/2020 Dharma Practice

Holy Master gave a speech on the root capacity of the Dharma seekers:

In the ancient time, the "nontransmittable to the third person" Dharmas were transmitted to those royals and the privileged, or on the top of a mountain, or in a deep forest, one-to-one only. Only those who have deep affinity and root capacity and those who are very interested in Dharma learning can climb mountains and cross rivers to look for it, to pursue it.

Some have read the stories of Great Achievers. What makes one a Great Achiever? First he should be able to abandon all he possesses. This is not what an ordinary person can do. Especially in the Dharma Vanishing Era, the probability of giving up everything is very low. It is because this is a material society, like what you see through a kaleidoscope. To reach such a state of being to give up this kaleidoscope, it would not be easy.

Therefore, there are not much people pursuing the Great Perfection Esoteric Dharma. Only those who have the root capacity can come over when they hear about it, abandon the illusion in their secular life to follow it.

Event: Inner Fire Practice Dharma Convention

Venue: Health Hall

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