#Ziguang Shang Shi
The Teaching Reflecting True Perfection
2010-11-01 Opinion

-- An introduction and testimony to the Guang Huan Mi Zong teaching of Buddhist Master Holy Ziguang Shang Shi

by Joshua Rosenstein

Buddhist Master Holy Ziguang Shang Shi has inherited and refined a powerful system of teachings that can transform the lives of those people who practice them. Originating thousands of years ago in India from Sakyamuni Buddha, this teaching has passes from person to person across the expanses of time and space and is now being offered to anyone who wishes to receive it. In a world full of religious, spiritual, and secular teachers offering us our dreams and often delivering nightmares many of us feel lost or discouraged. The teaching of Guang Huan Mi Zong embraces all true teachings and all people, regardless of their distinctions, differences, beliefs, and sins. For those souls lost in the darkness I give you the promise that this path leads away from error and into righteousness.

When presented with a strange new food first we take look, then a taste, and if all is well then we eat. Reading this work, if you see truth, then come seek out the teachings of Holy Ziguang Shang Shi and take a small taste. If the teachings live up to their promises then you can go further. If the teaching is not right for you, there are many other good paths for you to explore. Those who partake of the true teachings with faith and devotion will find the hungers that have tormented them all their lives have finally been satisfied. The weight they have carried will be lifted, and the confined space they have lived in will give way to the expanse of the infinite.

In this world and with these bodies it is the case that with too little water we perish from thirst. Too much and we drown. Too little food and we starve. Too much and we explode. When we find the balance between too much and too little then we arrive at just right, perfection.

Balance is natural in the universe, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and the energies of the worlds are neither created nor destroyed. This teaching embraces the truths of existence and aims to restore natural balance of our bodies, hearts and minds. Deriving its power from following universal truth, this teaching brings us out of error and mistaken beliefs and aligns our lives with the eternal, boundless, perfection of existence.

Are you sick? Do have chronic or debilitating illnesses? Do you just not feel well, but can’t find anything specific? Is your heart lacking in passion, empathy, or joy? Is your mind wracked with twisted, painful thinking? Are you weakened by doubts and fear? A sense of purposelessness? Do you know the life your living is wrong but you cannot find the inspiration to change? Do you feel the pain of the world is dragging you into darkness and you can’t find hope?

These are the afflictions of a world, a society, and a body that has lost touch with the truth, fallen out of balance, and descended into a perversion of the perfection we can enjoy.

I’ll give you this promise. The world is indeed balanced and perfect. The deepest and darkest evil and misery we can find on this earth meets its match in the purity and joy we can find in the Ultimate. No matter the depth of your suffering you can find the healing that is equal to it.

Sometimes people reach the bottom of suffering. At that lowest point they cry out: “Whatever powers that exist in the world, whatever their names are, I cannot help myself, and I can’t suffer any longer, from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my being, whatever it takes please help me!”

For those of you reading this who have touched that depth, if you seek help from Holy Ziguang Shang Shi and his Guang Huan Mi Zong teaching with the same sincerity and humility, the mercy of God and the Universe can pass through him and answer your prayer. Not only will your suffering be relieved, but if you seek it, you can soar to the heights of joy that mirror the deepest depths of despair and there you will find the greatest bliss anyone can achieve. For the weary who want rest, the seekers who want to find, and broken who want to be made whole this is the teaching that you have been looking for.

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